This page is under construction following an unfortunate incident in the Sacristy when someone not that I am going to mention any names but he wears a large pointed hat left the radiators turned up high after the Ascension day service and I went in the next morning to find the candle stock all melted and deformed well I immediately informed the Canon Precentor and the Dean and we have had a meeting and are considering making the move to oil "candles" instead of the real thing not that I'm very much in favour of that but it would stop anything like this happening again which can only be a blessing and I told them so in no uncertain terms and they both agreed but we have to get permission from the whole Chapter which will take a bit of time so at the moment we are making do with cheap candles from the local supermarket which don't burn very well and tend to drip a lot.  Mind that carpet, Mr Dean.

Ebeneezer Grindle

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